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About This Book & Book Group Questions (What If)

How did this story come about? This novel evolved like many narratives do: from personal experience. I was in my late 30s and had been trying for months to conceive a second child when my physician recommended I see a fertility specialist. It was this specialist who gave me two pieces of news for which ... Read More »

Have You Ever Tried #BookADay Challenge?

Have you ever tried the #bookaday challenge? If so, do you have kids? If so, how did you do it? I’d heard about such challenges and often laughed it off, wondering what a person could possibly retain from any book in under a few hours. But right now I’m barely finishing one book per month, ... Read More »

What’s it like? To be an author… ~ Video2

What’s it like? To be an author… Today I posted a video on Facebook responding to the question I’m asked most often: what’s it like, writing all day? What’s the creative process like? Interestingly enough it’s the same question I’ve most often asked of my fellow authors, as I’m always curious about everyone else’s process. ... Read More »

My Experience with Dragons, Depression, and Savory Pumpkin Pie

~ A More Serious Blog Post A few years ago I introduced my husband to American pumpkin pie, and he taught me two things – that in New Zealand cooked pumpkin is traditionally a savory meal, and that the word ‘savory’ is the opposite of sweet. Although I thought it was weird that this Kiwi ... Read More »

Getting Comfortable with Criticism ~ Video1

It’s quickly become tradition for authors and performers to forgo a box of chocolates or tub of ice cream in favor of addressing their bad reviews online (you can always consume the box of chocolates – and wine – after). It’s all in good fun anyway. This exercise helps to evict those demons (those negative voices!) ... Read More »

Writing history for kids

This is adorable! I just received about 40+ letters in the mail, from Isa’s elementary school, thanking me for a local history presentation. Some of my favorites: “Thank you for teaching us that before The Habit Burger and before Safeway, there used to be natives and grass. I’m glad California once had water. It’s interesting that ... Read More »

Q & A with Bekkah Rae

Bekkah Rae: Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads Book Reviewer Where did you get your information or ideas for your book? I followed in the footsteps of most writers and wrote about what I knew. Most of the story is taken from my own life experience – it’s autobiographical in nature – and then woven together to ... Read More »

STAR WARS is My Favorite Rom-Com

Mindy Kaling once said that romantic comedies are like a subgenre of science fiction, in which there are implausible characters who inhabit a world that “operates according to different rules” than ours. In Kaling’s eyes there wasn’t much difference between Ripley from “Alien” and Katherine Heigl from her latest rom-com. So it shouldn’t have surprised ... Read More »