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About This Book & Book Group Questions (What If)

How did this story come about? This novel evolved like many narratives do: from personal experience. I was in my late 30s and had been trying for months to conceive a second child when my physician recommended I see a fertility specialist. It was this specialist who gave me two pieces of news for which ... Read More »

Getting Comfortable with Criticism ~ Video1

It’s quickly become tradition for authors and performers to forgo a box of chocolates or tub of ice cream in favor of addressing their bad reviews online (you can always consume the box of chocolates – and wine – after). It’s all in good fun anyway. This exercise helps to evict those demons (those negative voices!) ... Read More »

Q & A with Bekkah Rae

Bekkah Rae: Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads Book Reviewer Where did you get your information or ideas for your book? I followed in the footsteps of most writers and wrote about what I knew. Most of the story is taken from my own life experience – it’s autobiographical in nature – and then woven together to ... Read More »