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About This Book & Book Group Questions (What If)

How did this story come about? This novel evolved like many narratives do: from personal experience. I was in my late 30s and had been trying for months to conceive a second child when my physician recommended I see a fertility specialist. It was this specialist who gave me two pieces of news for which ... Read More »

On Becoming a Mom..

I was freakishly unprepared to become a mom… Becoming a mother had never been high on my To Do List. If you had asked me in high school about my future I’d have said that I imagined myself living alone, in an apartment, with a dog. The apartment represented the freedom to move anywhere, at ... Read More »

Discovering snow

I don’t recall the day I first saw snow…because we were living in Sweden (I always joke with friends that a CA winter is equivalent to a Swedish summer). So now I’m watching my daughter “try” snow for the first time, and she’s in tears because it’s sticky. C’mon, girl, this is Swedish bikini weather! Read More »

On Styrofoam…

She got so excited to discover Styrofoam, that she wouldn’t listen to me when I told her not to touch it. Now she’s having a meltdown because the tiny balls won’t leave her alone. Read More »