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Writing history for kids

This is adorable! I just received about 40+ letters in the mail, from Isa’s elementary school, thanking me for a local history presentation. Some of my favorites: “Thank you for teaching us that before The Habit Burger and before Safeway, there used to be natives and grass. I’m glad California once had water. It’s interesting that ... Read More »


Today the dentist showed my little one a model of what happens in the mouth if she doesn’t stop sucking her thumb in the next couple of years. He was so gentle and nice about the message. But on the way to school my daughter didn’t say a word. She just stared at her thumb, ... Read More »

Discovering snow

I don’t recall the day I first saw snow…because we were living in Sweden (I always joke with friends that a CA winter is equivalent to a Swedish summer). So now I’m watching my daughter “try” snow for the first time, and she’s in tears because it’s sticky. C’mon, girl, this is Swedish bikini weather! Read More »

On Styrofoam…

She got so excited to discover Styrofoam, that she wouldn’t listen to me when I told her not to touch it. Now she’s having a meltdown because the tiny balls won’t leave her alone. Read More »